Fine Art Children Photography

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Fine Art Children Photography is a special kind of photography. It allows photographer to express his/hers artistic vision. It is like painting with a light, accessories and face expression.

Recently I had a pleasure to attend one of Paulina's Duczman trainings, in Gdynia.

Not only I was able to travel to my favourite p of Poland but also I could meet and learn from the best! It was Fine Art Children Photography training. It has always been something that fascinated me and something that I wanted to try. I really hope that with the knowledge I gained during the session with Paulina, I will soon be able to offer this service to you!

Paulina is talented artist and photographer, you can check her work on She is world's most successful children and family photographer and won multiple awards.

I have included below few images from the training. Both beautiful models were posed and lit by Paulina Duczman. Post production work was done by myself.

And some images of beautiful polish seaside !

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