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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Maternity Session is a very special ONE. It shows your beauty and your power! It is the rare time that is all about YOU. Your are the STAR of the show!!!

A lot of woman miss on their maternity session and later they regret not having it done. DO NOT let it be you, do not miss your chance! I know you may feel self conscious about some things but believe my once you enter the studio you will have no doubts that you made the right decision to book this session.

I am simple in love with Maternity photoshoot. My mission is to show you just how INCREDIBLY AMAZING you are in your pregnancy. I want you to have those beautiful pictures that you can look at in a while and remember this powerful time. This strength that you had in you while carrying a new life!

There is a lot of questions WOMEN ask before the session. Some woman are afraid to come as they think that they have to know how to pose and they have to be a models. The answer to both is NO.

All mums-to-be that comes to me are the same as you and me, they are not models, they are EVERYDAY WOMEN, STRONG and GORGEOUS.

You do not have to know how to pose, I am here to show you everything, I am here to guide you. I will show you what to do with your body, where to look, how to keep your hand, head etc. You will be 100% guided by me.

My goal is ALWAYS for you to fell comfortable, relaxed, beautiful and confident. From the moment you enter my studio.

My Style is Simplicity and Classic. I believe that LESS is MORE.

When - pregnancy sessions are the best when the bump is nice and round. Usually it is anywhere from 30 to 37 weeks of pregnancy. However, sessions can take place earlier or later, the important is that you are still feeling well and that your bump is nicely visible :). If you are not sure you can always send me your picture and I will tell you!

Clothes - I have it all here. I have section of dresses and fabrics that we will use. You will look incredible! I only ask you to bring 2 sets of underwear - black and nude/white colour. It is so we can get different looks!

Make Up - again Less is More! the best is when the make up is light and natural. Eyes are the secret. Make sure you put maskara on! Hair - if you can't do them, we will do it in the studio. I have a crueler, hair spray all we need! However, I would say if you can have your make up and hair done DO IT! If you can not - DO NOT WORRY!

Before the session we can discuss what are your expectations. You can tell me the colours you really like or dislike. You can tell me the poses and style you like as you may favour some on my page.

I INVITE you to this POWERFUL SESSION, be one of many happy women that came to me and felt the power and beauty in them!

Questions - ask me anything. I want you to feel confident, there are no silly questions, or questions are good!

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